Simpson Desert 3 (William Creek to Mt Dare)


14 March  Thursday

Leaving William Creek behind, we were again following the Oodnadatta track.



We made a stop at the Algebuckina railway bridge, over the Neales River, south-east of Oodnadatta. It opened in January 1892 and is the longest bridge in South Australia. It is a Victorian era bridge that was originally built in the UK for the Murray river. But, when it arrived they realized that it was too short and they had to find another river where they could use it.

Algebuckina railway bridge



From here we were on our way again, following the Oodnadatta track towards Mt Dare. Along the way we made we made a short stop at the Pink Roadhouse.  A well known haven in the outback for travelers.

Pink Roadhouse

The scenery is now changing and it is beginning to look more like a desert. The road is becoming more rough. More large sharp stones, the size of cricket balls. The countryside is very flat with the odd red sand dunes . You don’t want to drive here with old worn tyres. We stopped for a break at the Eringa billabong, which is on a very large river that is completely dry.


Shortly before sunset we arrived at the Mt Dare Hotel. A welcome stop after a very bad road, full of large stones. Fortunately none of us had any tyre problems.



Today was a nice cool day, 25 degrees C. Much better than the 39 degrees of the previous couple of days. This is the most isolated hotel in Australia. The food at their restaurant was excellent. Esmé had chicken and I had a steak.



Tomorrow we will be entering the real Simpson Desert.


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